Microsoft Teams Has Over 20 Million Daily Active Users

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Microsoft 365, Office 365 with 23 Comments

Microsoft announced today that Teams now has over 20 million active users, a sharp rise from 13 million in July.

“Microsoft is seeing a more than 50 percent increase in usage of its Teams platform—now at 20 million daily active users—just since July,” a Microsoft representative told me this morning. “Teams customers have participated in more than 27 million voice or video meetings and performed over 200 million open, edit, or download actions on files stored in Teams.”

When Microsoft announced the 13 million figure five months ago, there was a bit of disagreement over whether Teams usage had surpassed that of Slack, its inspiration and main competition. But now there is no doubt: Microsoft Teams is well ahead of Slack and is growing far more rapidly. As such, Microsoft Teams is now the number one chat-based productivity solution worldwide.

Concurrent with the milestone update, Microsoft today unveiled a toolkit called The Art of Teamwork, which it describes as a new online curriculum built around the five attributes of a successful team: Shared purpose, collective identity, self-awareness and inclusion, trust and vulnerability, and constructive tension. It’s available now online.

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Comments (23)

23 responses to “Microsoft Teams Has Over 20 Million Daily Active Users”

  1. Chris_Kez

    As someone who has to use Google Chat every day at work, I die a little every time I am reminded of Teams' growth and Microsoft's evident commitment to this product and its improvement. Our former CTO foisted G Suite upon us then left twelve months into the transition.

    • gregsedwards

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      I'm in a similar situation. After several lackluster experiences with our Skype for Business on-prem implementation, which suffered from a convoluted integration with legacy Polycom room hardware, my company transitioned to everything over to Zoom a few years back. We've kept Skype for Business around for IM, but that has allowed Slack to gain a foothold, and now they're not interested in investing in Teams at all. And that's is a real shame, because Teams is awesome.

  2. Patrick3D

    Due to the forced launch of the app I've seen several people at work sign into Teams thinking it was another app being forced on them by company management, not realizing we don't use it. Every time I go desk side one of the first things I ask a person, regardless of the reason for my visit, is if they use Teams? The response has 100% been "no", I then offer to remove it which they always gratefully say "yes" to.

  3. Vladimir Carli

    teams works nicely but it's very annoying if you have to use more than one O365 account. Is it known if they are ever going to support usage of multiple accounts?

  4. wright_is

    Probably forcing it on customers has helped. We had it disabled in our Office 365 Admin portal, we had it explicitly deactivated in the installation manifest and it still automatically installs itself on every PC in our organisation. In the end we added the installer to the blacklist in our corporate AV suite.

  5. mike2k

    It makes sense if you’re wrapped up with 365 to move to teams. We just dumped Slack and Skype for Teams. I prefer it. Slack was meh

  6. tmslayton

    Teams is awesome, I use it all day w/my remote devs. Congrats Microsoft!

  7. sdemigne

    Of the 20 million how many have been forced? You get up one morning, you start Skype for Business and you have a nice little message telling you that you must now use Teams. I can easily understand why it has increased!

  8. dontbeevil

    well deserved...unfortunately my new company use slack, I miss Teams so much

  9. SvenJ

    Mandatory transition from Skype for Business to Teams for O365 Business users can't be hurting their adoption numbers.

  10. LT1 Z51

    The WebEx part of Teams is terrible versus WebEx. So I'm not sure why that's not mentioned as a competitor. As a chat client, most companies are migrating from Skype (formerly Lync) to this.

  11. irfaanwahid

    Congrats Microsoft!

    It also suggests the edge/advantage Microsoft has because of bundling Teams with its Office 365 Business Plans.

    I believe my own org would have not gone to purchase Teams subscription if it was standalone.

    But since we are already Office 365 customer, we have slowly started rolling out Teams across different segments of the business.

  12. Pungkuss

    I hope Microsoft can someday release a brand new product that becomes successful on its own without forcing it down their legacy clients throat and calling it a win. I would have preferred them buying slack tbh. I'd it just me or does anyone know why both this and SharePoint exist?

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