Live Presentations is Now Available for PowerPoint on the Web

Posted on June 17, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Consumer Services, Office 365 with 1 Comment

Microsoft announced today that the Live Presentations feature for PowerPoint that it previously announced is now available, albeit only for PowerPoint for the web.

“When we first announced PowerPoint Live, we saw excitement from both enterprise and education customers around how this feature could be utilized during in-person events—conferences, lecture halls, corporate all hands, town halls, and more,” Microsoft’s Derek Johnson writes. “Of course, the world has changed a lot since then. We know that as more physical events and meetings take place, PowerPoint Live will prove to be a very useful tool for connecting with your audience and communicating more effectively. However, we also have tips on how to use this capability now in remote work and learning scenarios.”

PowerPoint’s Live Presentations feature helps make presentations more engaging and inclusive. Key features include:

Audience connectivity. Each person in the audience can connect from their own device—a laptop, tablet, or phone—where they can follow along with the presentation and move back through the slides at their own pace without impacting the presenter.

Audience participation. The audience can also provide live reactions to the presenter, and comments, and then rate the presentation at the end. After the live session, the audience can also provide feedback to the presenter via an optional survey powered by Microsoft Forms.

Live subtitles with language translation. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, the audience can enable live subtitles in their preferred languages on their own devices. This helps participants with hearing disabilities, of course, but it also helps break down language barriers and ensure that everyone in the audience is engaged and feels included.

As noted in the quote above, Microsoft also has some tips for using Live Presentation in remote work and schooling scenarios. You can check out the original post for those tips.

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One response to “Live Presentations is Now Available for PowerPoint on the Web”

  1. Andy Babiec

    So the only way to use this is via Teams or did I miss something?