Microsoft is Refreshing

Posted on July 6, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft 365 with 13 Comments

Microsoft has rolled out a nice new portal user experience for it Microsoft 365 commercial customers. There’s no announcement yet, so it’s not clear if or when this change is coming to Microsoft 365 consumer users. But I assume it is.

The new portal was first spotted by Aggiornamenti Lumia, but I checked with my own Microsoft 365 commercial account, and am seeing it as well. The new interface puts recent, pinned, and shared documents up-front and center and moves the Office app shortcuts to a left-mounted side-rail. You still open the app launcher by clicking a button in the upper-left of the interface.

Looks great to me.

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Comments (13)

13 responses to “Microsoft is Refreshing”

  1. olditpro2000

    That looks...not bad.

  2. brinel321

    Nice. It aligns well with how Teams handles it's side bar.

  3. GCalais

    This is very cool, although personally I don’t think I’ll ever get used to going into a central Office hub to open a Excel document I’ve been working on! It’s still weird opening the specific app and then finding the document. My muscle memory is to find every single document in its local windows folder.

  4. will

    This has a very "Teams" feel to it and I am curious if other Office apps will use a side bar for functions?

  5. taswinfan

    Someone hand the windows project over to office please...unless Panay can work something magical first. But office seems to be the team that best functions at MS...

    Looks Slick.

  6. rmlounsbury

    This looks like a good update to the interface. A clear "Teams-ification" of the M365 platform which is fine by me. It will make it easier for admins to train users on how to use M365 + Teams if the overall design language is the same.

  7. jabi

    Looks very clean!

    How I would love it if they put the same effort in Windows UI/UX to modernize it.

  8. wright_is

    I started my portal this morning, not seeing it here, yet.

    That said, we don't use the portal anyway. But it looks interesting and modern. Maybe not seeing it, because we don't have the web apps active?

  9. justme

    Looks very Teams-like. Its like Teams is taking over the world. Sigh.

  10. saint4eva

    Woow. This is looking exceptionally clean and pleasing to the eyes.

  11. dxtremebob

    A recent change: the Office app is now forcing me to upload Office files to OneDrive if I want to continue opening them from the app. There are some files I'd rather not upload. So this app's usefulness has now been diminshed, at least for me.