Microsoft is Retiring

Posted on June 9, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Microsoft Consumer Services, OneDrive with 2 Comments

Microsoft is Retiring

And yes, that is a Lumia 2520 tablet.

After a confusing couple of years, Microsoft is finally retiring its redundant service. Didn’t know about or understand, you say? You weren’t alone.

If you were using, you probably just received an email warning from Microsoft alerting you to this predictable outcome. If not, here is the pertinent bit.

“Thank you for using,” the email notes. “We would like to let you know that we are retiring the service on December 15, 2017, and need you to take action to save your files. Please make sure to migrate all your content to other storage and/or sharing services on or before the retirement date to avoid losing any of your data. We are providing an auto-migration option to easily backup all your content to a OneDrive account.”

According to the website, Microsoft is shutting down this service because it already has several other services that provide cloud-based file storage and sharing. The most obvious is OneDrive, but Microsoft also notes that the LinkedIn SlideShare platform is “the ideal platform for publishing your Word, PowerPoint, and PDF content.” Then there’s Sway. And OneDrive for Business.

So, yes, there are still too many of these things. But if you are using, be sure to take advantage of Microsoft’s support document explaining your migration/backup choices.

Here’s the schedule.

June 9, 2017. As of today, will no longer accept new accounts. Those with an account can still view, edit, publish, download, and delete content. Those with Journal and About pages can still edit them on

June 19, 2017. Those administering for school work or school accounts will be able to migrate all content to OneDrive for Business. This process has not yet been documented, but Microsoft says it will do so soon.

August 1, 2017. will no longer support publishing or creating new content. Those with an account will still be able to view or download existing content.

June 9 to December 14, 2017. During this time period, account holders will be able to have their content automatically backed up to OneDrive. Once you do so, will change to read-only and links to your documents and files will redirect to the new location on OneDrive.

December 15, 2017. The website and all of its content will be “officially discontinued”. In other words, the site will no longer be accessible after this date. Seems like a waste of great URL.

May 15, 2018. All links to content that were previously shared with others and were automatically redirected to OneDrive (or OneDrive for Business) will stop working.


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