Microsoft Starts Testing New, Modern Look for Outlook Calendar on the Web

Posted on January 5, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft Consumer Services, with 15 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out a brand-new look for Outlook Calendar on the web as part of a beta test. The company started testing a new look for last year, and it’s now bringing the new look to Calendar.

The modern look for Outlook Calendar can be seen in the screenshot above, and it’s definitely a huge step forward from the current Outlook Calendar design which is pretty bland. The new design looks more colourful, and it’s also likely going to be faster in performance. Microsoft built the new using Facebook’s React framework, significantly improving the performance of the app. While I don’t have the new Outlook Calendar beta as of yet, it’s also likely built on React.

Microsoft still needs to bring the modern look to Contacts and Tasks on Right now, they are still using the old design but they will probably get updated sometime soon. Nonetheless, the new Outlook Calendar look is being rolled out to users as a beta today, although you won’t get to see the “Try the beta” toggle right away.

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