One Year After Wunderlist’s Death, The To-Do Transition Limps Along

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Consumer Services with 33 Comments

If you had the ability to get in a time machine and went back to April 19th, 2017 and asked if Wunderlist would still be around today, the answer surely would have been ‘no’. Why? Because on this date, last year, the company said that the product was going away but here we are, with another botched communication by Microsoft.

In the post, the company acknowledges that To-Do would not exist without the fans of Wunderlist and that To-Do is the future for Wunderlist. Further, the company promises to keep adding new features to the application as well.

But, a year later, the application has struggled to gain momentum mostly because Microsoft has failed to push out updates on a regular cadence. It was just a few weeks ago that the app finally incorporated sub-tasks but they still have a long way to go to match functionality of Wunderlist.

Since the announcement of its death, we have been given some insight about why the To-Do replacement has failed to rapidly add the features of Wunderlist, primarily the fact that it was hosted on AWS and the port to Azure hasn’t been going well. The founder and CEO, who has now left Microsoft, explained earlier this year the issues with migration from Wunderlist to To-Do.

The project as it stands right now is in some sort of migration-hell that has essentially destroyed the fan-base for Wunderlist thanks to missed deadlines and with To-Do being half-baked; Microsoft has royally botched this acquisition and transition between platforms.

Microsoft has recently put the To-Do team under Joe Belfiore who can hopefully re-ignite some passion into this team and finally deliver the functionality that is needed to make it a true successor to Wunderlist. Until then, we don’t know how long Wunderlist will remain in the major app stores but as of today, you can still download the app.

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