Microsoft Continues To Enhance To-Do with new ‘Important’ List

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Brad Sams in Microsoft Consumer Services with 12 Comments

A few weeks back, I switched from Todoist to run Microsoft’s To-Do full time for my task-based needs. Since the company decided to start fixing the app and is making serious updates once again, I’m hopeful that in the near future it will match all of the functionality of Todoist but for free.

The latest feature to make its way to the app on iOS and desktop is a new ‘important’ task list that makes it easier to identify important tasks that need to be completed faster than other items on your list.

This feature is available for those running the desktop and iOS previews and rolled out a couple days ago. To mark a task as important, click the start at the end of the text field and it will be added it to the list.

This is a good addition for some but I also worry that this can create more noise than necessary. With this update, inside of To-Do, you now have three different lists “My Day”, “Important”, and “To-Do” but what I really want is one master list that shows everything from every list.

I know that some may need the important list and it’s fine to add this feature but for those of us who want one ‘master’ list of all of our items on our agenda for the week ahead, it still results in multiple clicks to find them inside the app; here’s to hoping we see a feature like this in the near future.

For now, Microsoft is continuing to update the app with more features which is a good thing for everyone who uses this product.

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