Microsoft To-Do Gets a Redesigned Web App

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft Consumer Services, Microsoft with 2 Comments

Microsoft is delivering a major update for its To-Do app on the web today. Microsoft To-Do has been available on the web for a while, and even though it’s been getting major updates on platforms like Windows 10, Android, and iOS, the web app didn’t really get much attention from Redmond.

Until today, of course.

The redesigned To-Do app brings a completely redesigned interface, with easy access to other Office apps through the app launcher. The app itself has been updated to include a new user-interface throughout the entire system, and it looks generally cleaner and clutter-free than before.

Microsoft is introducing a new Planned smart list feature that gives you an organized overview from your My Day to the next 5 days as well. This is a new feature that’s not available on other platforms as of yet, but it could be an easy way of keeping tracking of what tasks you have coming up. The company is also making it possible to set themes for your lists with today’s update, so you can now distinguish between lists by color, and organize your tasks much better.

The updated web app is available right away at

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Microsoft To-Do Gets a Redesigned Web App”

  1. simont

    Small typo: other fFfice 

  2. gregsedwards

    Nice, I really like the Planned smart list. I was hoping for an improvement that would make My Day a little less manual to manage. It seems to me that while you should be able to quickly add any task to My Day, task that are due today or with active reminders should sort of just be pulled in automatically. Seems like the Planned smart list meets this need.

    Now they just need to get the mobile and desktop apps updated to match! Oh, and add multi-account support, so I don't have to keep signing out to switch between my work and personal MSAs.