Microsoft: “Bing is Bigger Than You Think”

Posted on August 19, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Bing + MSN with 48 Comments

Microsoft: "Bing is Bigger Than You Think"

It would pretty much have to be, is what you are likely thinking. But Microsoft made a case for Bing, via Twitter of all places, this week.

The primary source of data it has provided is a Bing Network Marketshare image, which is an interesting phrase since Bing has usage, not sales, and thus has usage share not market share. But whatever. Here’s what it shows.

Worldwide, Bing only has about 9 percent usage share, which is pretty much exactly as big as I thought. That amounts to 12 billion monthly searches (again, a measure of usage, but I promise to stop harping on this).

Bing likewise has only 9 percent usage share in Europe. And under 5 percent market share in Latin America and Asia Pacific. By this point, you’re probably wondering what they’re bragging about exactly.

But Bing does considerably better in certain markets.

In the United States, for example, fully 33 percent of all Internet searches—or 5 billion searches per month—happen through Bing. That is truly impressive.

The UK hits 25 percent, Taiwan comes in at 24 percent, and Hong Kong and France are the last heavy-hitters for Bing with 19 percent each. (A separate Bing tweet annoyingly provides different numbers for some of these markets.)

If I had to guess, most of Bing’s success comes from being the default search engine in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. And that the countries with high Bing usage map nicely to countries in which Windows PCs, especially Windows 10 PCs, are likewise selling better.

That Microsoft doesn’t pull out a number for China isn’t suprising—Bing is probably about 0 percent there—and of course it is single digits in most of the world, where mobile—and not the PC—rules


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