Bing Adds Fact Checking to Search Results

Posted on September 17, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Bing + MSN, Cloud, Microsoft Consumer Services with 10 Comments

Bing Adds Fact Checking to Search Results

Following a similar Google effort by several months, Bing now displays fact-checking data in its search results.

“Bing is adding a new UX element to the search results, called the ‘Fact Check’ label, to help users find fact checking information on news, and with major stories and web pages within the Bing search results,” an uncredited post to the official Bing Webmaster blog notes. “The label may be used on both news articles and web pages that Bing has determined contain fact check information to allow users to have additional information to judge for themselves what information on the internet is trustworthy. The label may be used on a broad category of queries including news, health, science, and politics.”

Microsoft’s post is geared towards webmasters and others who maintain websites, and as with Google’s efforts it comes far too late to have made a difference in last year’s seismic political dramas in the U.S., the UK, and probably elsewhere. But with more and more people blindly believing everything they read on the Internet, these efforts, however belated and futile, are of course needed necessary.

That said, I’m having trouble finding any fact-checking data in my own test searches. A Microsoft example, for “rick scott critical condition,” correctly tags articles as fake news in results. But then it still shows fake news as the top results, too. Worse, when I try similar fact-averse search terms, I don’t see any fact-checking data.

Anyway. Hopefully, this evolves.

Also, I didn’t write about Google’s initial stab at adding fact-checking data to the search results in its dominant search service, which largely happened across early 2017. But the firm has been extending that capability to its other services, like Google News, and to its mobile apps, like the Google app.

I found out about this news from The Verge.


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