The Top Bing Searches of 2015

Posted on December 3, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Bing + MSN with 0 Comments

The Top Bing Searches of 2015

Microsoft has announced the top Bing searches of 2015, and as you might expect, they run the gamut from the important—the Paris attacks that sadly bookmarked the year—to the superfluous. Here’s a peek at what people were searching for this year.

“We turn to search to seek information and understand what’s happening around us,”the Bing team notes. “Through the billions of searches conducted on Bing this year, we get a unique perspective on the moments that moved us and the people who made this year memorable. Today, we’re sharing the stories that shaped 2015 on Bing.”

The complete list of Bing top searches are available at, and include the following topics:

  • The Most Searched Celebrities of 2015
  • Celebrities on the Rise 2015
  • The Celebrity Moments of 2015
  • The Most Searched Athletes of 2015
  • Top Sports Stories of 2015
  • Top News Stories of 2015
  • The Strange But True Stories of 2015
  • People We Lost in 2015

You can find the US version of this list here. But there are versions for the Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK as well. Hopefully your country isn’t as pointlessly obsessed with celebrities as we are here in the US.


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