Microsoft Debuts a New Sharing Interface for OneDrive on PC, Mac

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in iOS, Office, Office 365, OneDrive, Windows, Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Microsoft Debuts a New Sharing Interface for OneDrive on PC, Mac

Today, Microsoft unveiled a new sharing interface for OneDrive on Windows and Mac at its SharePoint Virtual Summit.

“OneDrive lets you share files securely with anyone inside or outside your organization,” Microsoft corporate vice president Jeff Teper explains. “Its deep Office integration, which powers rich co-authoring, allows you to collaborate on these shared files with others in real-time. And it lets you access all your Office 365 files, including your individual work files and files shared with you by individuals, teams and the organization—regardless of whether you’re on a PC, Mac, an iOS or Android device or a Windows phone.”

Starting this summer, Microsoft will debut a new OneDrive sharing interface that builds on the OneDrive Files on Demand functionality that the firm debuted last week at Build 2017. I was able to preview this functionality last week during a meeting with the OneDrive team.

This new interface is a lot friendlier than the current shell-based sharing functionality, and it will be consistent with a revised sharing interface on the web.

“The sharing experience has been simplified, so you can share a file or folder with specific people or send a link that enables anyone who needs access, inside or outside your organization,” Teper writes. “In addition, you can now control how long a link provides access, and you can easily view and modify the permissions you have granted. The new sharing experience is the same, whether you share on the web, in Explorer on Windows 10 and Windows 7, or in Finder on Mac.”

It’s not entirely clear when this new sharing interface will appear, but it could be as soon as June, based on the conversation I had last week.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Debuts a New Sharing Interface for OneDrive on PC, Mac”

  1. harmjr

    So is this OneDrive for Business only or both OneDrive personal and business?

  2. Reggie Franklin

    Do you know if they will be adding the ability to request files? My dad is a professor and has to use Dropbox because OneDrive lacks this feature.

  3. prettyconfusd

    Thank goodness! It's about time they modernised these parts of the shell. Though I suppose this means they're still aiming just to gradually upgrade the current file explorer rather than ditch it for a better, newer, equivalent ala Control Panel/Settings...

  4. ToffenDask

    Why they haven't yet gotten rid of or renamed the easily confused "Share with" menu item is a mystery.

  5. LeFrenchFab

    Oh, what Dropbox has been doing for years...

  6. Bats

    IMO, this is clearly a slight improvement over OneDrive's current sharing functionality. Less "clicks" is always better.

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