Microsoft Issues a Major Update to OneDrive on iOS

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in iOS, OneDrive with 9 Comments

Microsoft has issued a major update to OneDrive on iOS that adds improved scanning and sharing capabilities, offline folder support, and more.

Two curious notes.

One, the firm hasn’t blogged about this release, despite the number of improvements it includes. And two, the version number of the app—9.1—doesn’t in any way hint at how much has changed. Normally, a seemingly minor revision like this is accompanied by a pat explanation like “various bug fixes.”

Not this time.

Here’s what’s new in OneDrive 9.1 for iOS. Note that these features are for users with an Office 365 subscription.

Super scanning. Now, you can scan multiple pages at once to create a single, multi-page PDF file. And you can crop, rotate, or delete those scanned pages to ensure that the resulting file is as clean as possible. “It’s easier than ever to go paperless,” the Microsoft releases notes explain. “You can safely retire that old scanner, its services are no longer needed.” Also, “Super scanning” is not the real name of this feature. It should be.

Offline folders. Microsoft says you can now “offline any folder in OneDrive and SharePoint” which is a verbification that I am not comfortable with. What they mean is that you can now mark any folder as being available offline and it will be downloaded and synced to your device. The real gotcha though is that this feature is “rolling out,” so you might not see it right away. When it’s available, you will be able to tap and hold on any folder and then select “Offline” from the list of commands. I see this option on files only, not folders, so I assume the folder bit is the new thing.

Improved sharing. Microsoft says you can now tap and hold on any file or folder, select Share, and then “select Link Settings” to set an expiration date for a shared file. But I don’t see that option, and it’s not clear why.

New Discover view. OneDrive for iOS has long supported a Shared page in which you can easily find the files you’ve shared with others and those files that others have shared with you. Now, those with a work or school account will see a new Discover view in Shared that will “help you discover interesting and relevant documents based who you work with and the content that you work on.”

You can find OneDrive for iOS in the Apple App Store.


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