Microsoft is Consolidating its OneDrive Mobile UIs

Posted on September 18, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, iOS, Mobile, OneDrive with 7 Comments

Microsoft is Consolidating its OneDrive Mobile UIs

Images courtesy of MSPowerUser

I’m not seeing this yet, but Microsoft is apparently consolidating its OneDrive mobile UIs between Android and iOS. And the iOS version won.

Update: Microsoft has confirmed the news. The new OneDrive for Android is now in preview. –Paul

News of this change comes via MSPowerUser, which is reporting that Microsoft is now testing a new look for OneDrive on Android. But that new look will be old hat to those using OneDrive on iOS, since it’s the same UI. That is, Microsoft is bringing the tab-based navigation scheme found in OneDrive for iOS to OneDrive for Android.

Today, OneDrive for Android uses a hamburger-style menu that provides you with access to your different accounts and to the files, photos, recent files, shared files, offline files, notification, and recycle bin that’s associated with each.

On iOS—and, soon, on Android—OneDrive dispenses with the hamburger and uses a UI that is common to iOS apps: A row of choices on the bottom, each of which opens a new view. Available choices in OneDrive for iOS—and, soon, on Android—include Files, Photos, Recent, Shared, and Me. That last one provides access to your other accounts and to the offline files and recycle bin for each, plus settings.

While I know that the hamburger menu is loathed by some, I have no issues with it. And I generally prefer for apps to be true to the OS on which they run. But the iOS version of OneDrive is certainly easy enough to use. So this change should be well-received by most whenever it happens.

And that is, in many ways, the question: MSPowerUser theorizes that Microsoft is just testing the new UI with some Android users to see who well its received. So it’s possible that you will never see this new UI, or that it will be rolled out in the coming weeks or months.


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