Microsoft Brings Granular Settings for Sharing on OneDrive Mobile

Posted on April 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in OneDrive with 5 Comments

Microsoft is giving users improved control over file sharing on OneDrive’s mobile apps. The company introduced a new sharing experience for OneDrive users on the desktop last year, but it has finally started rolling out the advanced sharing controls today on mobile devices. Available right now on Android, the improved sharing settings allow users to share files with anyone, people in their organization, or specific people, and more. The update will be available on OneDrive’s iOS client shortly.

Along with the granular sharing settings on mobile, Microsoft is changing the way it distributes OneDrive on the Mac. OneDrive will now be packed with Office 2016 for Mac, and users who currently use the standalone OneDrive app from the Mac App Store will have their settings automatically transferred to the Office 2016 for Mac version. It isn’t clear whether Microsoft will continue to make the app available from the Mac App Store, however.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Brings Granular Settings for Sharing on OneDrive Mobile”

  1. misterstuart

    I wonder if they will make the 'space saving' (place holders) feature available on MacOS. I love having it back on my Windows machine.

  2. RM

    I like how Microsoft has shared calendars. Like the "Family Calendar". I wish they had a shared OneDrive for the whole Family or just your spouse. Then you could just share, copy, or move pictures or files over to the Share OneDrive which could either have its own space or people that make use of it could contribute some of their OneDrive space to it.

    Sharing files here and there seams chaotic to me, so I don't do it much.