Microsoft Starts Rolling Out Improved OneDrive for Windows 10

Posted on July 31, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, OneDrive, Windows 10 with 26 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out an improved OneDrive client for Windows 10 users. The firm first announced the improved OneDrive client earlier this month, and it’s now started rolling out the new client to all users (via MSPU).

The new and updated OneDrive client doesn’t come with any major changes, but there are some neat changes to the client with the latest update. First, it now works better with Windows 10’s built-in battery saver mode. Now, when your device has the battery saver mode enabled, OneDrive will automatically stop syncing your files in order to help save battery and allow your device to last longer. That’s really great, though you can sync your files anyway if you need to get some files synced immediately. When your device comes off of battery saver, OneDrive will resume syncing your files automatically.

Microsoft has also given the Activity Center (the taskbar popup) a new look with the latest update. The changes aren’t anything drastic, and Microsoft is saying the updates are to “improve ease of use and understanding” of the interface. What is interesting is that when Microsoft initially announced the new design, some of the company’s screenshots of the updated Activity Center included hints of Fluent Design like the blurred background shown below. But that’s nowhere to be seen in the actual product.

Either way, Microsoft is slowly rolling out the new update to everyone so it could take a few days or weeks before your PC receives the update. As Italian blog HTNovo mentions, you can always manually update the client by downloading the updated version from Microsoft’s site, but I wouldn’t recommend that as I had some trouble manually updating my OneDrive client to the new one.

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