OneDrive Is Getting Intelligent Note Sharing

Posted on November 7, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in OneDrive with 4 Comments

Microsoft is updating the OneDrive app for Android and iOS with some new features this month. The latest updates are mostly focused on Mobile Capture, the feature that works much like Office Lens to let you scan documents, whiteboards, etc.

The updated OneDrive app brings support for Mobile Capture in more scenarios. Microsoft says the company has “extended” the functionality of the feature to improve the experience for users. More importantly, though, it’s getting an interesting new feature.

When you take scans of meeting notes, OneDrive will now be able to automatically detect if you are in a meeting, and then let you share the scanned document with all the meeting invitees automatically. The idea of this feature sounds very clever, though it’s going to be interesting to see if it actually works well.

OneDrive makes use of Microsoft’s Graph platform to see when you are in a meeting and even grab the details about the other meeting invitees, which is then used to surface the share suggestion within the app. It looks very useful.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “OneDrive Is Getting Intelligent Note Sharing”

  1. drewsuruncle

    They also screwed up the ability to notate and highlight on my iPad. I can't scroll while in pen mode, and highlight doesn't even work now. WTF?

  2. Vitor Canova Weingaertner

    I just want Microsoft fixes OneNote for Android so I can find a text in a long page. Just this. Can't be hard.

    • robinwilson16

      In reply to Vitor_Canova_Weingaertner:

      I just wish they would fix it so it worked with Office documents without crashing office, crashing explorer or conflicting with itself and losing changes or duplicating files. Again shouldn't be hard as both are Microsoft products but it hasn't been reliable for quite some time now on any of my devices even after a full reinstall. It's fine for none Office documents but then that defeats the purpose.