What I Use: OneDrive Folder Backup (Premium)


I use OneDrive extensively. Thanks to my Microsoft 365 Family account and its addition 1 TB of data per user, I’m storing my entire life in OneDrive, from my entire personal photo collection to my entire work archives dating back 30 years.

On PCs, I use Files on Demand to ensure that my “To do” folder, which contains the articles and article series that I’m currently working on, and my “Book,” folder, which contains the Windows 10 Field Guide, are synced to every PC I use. And I use OneDrive’s File Explorer integration to pin those folders I access regularly---Book, To do, and a folder named like “2021-04” (for April 2021) where I archive the articles and other documents and files that I’m done working on---to the Quick access list in the navigation pane.

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