Microsoft Announces New OneDrive Photo Editing Features

Posted on June 23, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in OneDrive with 14 Comments

Microsoft announced that it is adding new photo editing features to OneDrive on the web and OneDrive for Android. And yes, they are coming to OneDrive for iPhone and iPad, but not until later this year.

“Relentless innovation has made OneDrive a world-class app for file storage, sharing, and collaboration,” Microsoft’s Paul Diamond writes. “We’re now extending that same commitment to a refreshed photos experience that will enhance the joy you get from your photos.”

Here’s what’s new. Yes, it all looks fairly obvious and seems, to me, to be an attempt at catching up with Google Photos.

Cropping. OneDrive now lets you crop to the image sizes and aspect ratios (square, 9:16, 16:9, 4:5, 5:4, 3:4, 4:3, 2:3, 3:2,1:2, and 2:1) expected by social media apps, or you can use a free-form crop.

Rotate and flip. OneDrive now lets you easily rotate an image left or right by 90 degrees or flip it by 180 degrees. There is also a new incremental degree rotation feature that helps you straighten images.

Light and Color Adjustments. OneDrive helps transforms your pictures with adjustments for brightness, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, and color saturation, and then compare the edited version with the original. And you can save the changed image separately or overwrite the original. (Version History will recover mistakenly overwritten images.)

In addition to these changes, Microsoft is adding some more features to OneDrive for Android, including Chromecast support, which lets you cast a photo slideshow or video to any Chromecast-enabled TV or device, and new organizational capabilities that can optionally create folders based on upload source. That way, when you use a specific app, like WhatsApp or Instagram, to share photos, they can be organized in OneDrive separately from your main camera roll if you wish.


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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Microsoft Announces New OneDrive Photo Editing Features”

  1. yoshi

    All that I want is for the OneDrive app to only show me photos from my actual photos folder. Instead, it compiles every photo in every folder and displays them all. On the web, you can at least set it to only show the photos folder.

    • feek

      Good lord, this. How hard could it be. Photos is almost useless if you use OneDrive for anything else

      • bettyblue

        If you use the OneDrive client to remap your my documents folder, desktop etc...and you will end up with every .gif, jpeg in whatever document or sometimes parts of an app in your photos on OneDrive. Microsoft just can't get the consumer part right.

        • whiplash55

          I know, when I bought Photoshop Elements through "The Store" now have a ton of album art in my Photoshop pictures, why would I want that.

    • bart

      Seems like this is exactly what OneDrive will do? "That way, when you use a specific app, like WhatsApp or Instagram, to share photos, they can be organized in OneDrive separately from your main camera roll if you wish."

    • mpreston

      OMG I hear you on this, the fact that you limit the photos to a specific photos folder on Android truly makes the Android version pretty useless to me....

    • huntly

      Android OneDrive app - Me (sic) - Settings - Additional Folders - turn off all but Camera. And any others (such as WhatsApp) you might want.

      It will be good to have separate upload folders instead of having them all dumped in Camera Roll.

  2. mryves707

    i want better discovery and filter options in onedrive photo app. with thousands of photos the app quickly becomes very painful to use.

    • hallmanac

      Yes, this is what makes Google Photos shine above the others (including Apple's Photos with iCloud). I can search for people, and just about anything else I think of and find it easily in my Google Photos library.

  3. jcbeckman

    All I want is for it to actually sync my files properly. Let's get TAHT working.

    • navarac

      If OneDrive worked as well as Dropbox, I might use it. It has never been the same since Windows 8.1 and its syncing is still very slow compared to Dropbox. Even being "free" doesn't compensate for it for me.

  4. micherz

    "In addition to these additions, Microsoft is adding a few additional features".

    Is the anything additional you'd like to add in addition? ;-)

    • Paul Thurrott

      That is everything you need to know about how exhausted I was yesterday morning. Word repetition is probably my biggest writing pet peeve. Thanks.