OneDrive for macOS is Now Optimized for Apple Silicon Macs

Posted on February 28, 2022 by Laurent Giret in OneDrive, Mac and macOS with 8 Comments

Microsoft’s OneDrive sync client for macOS can is now optimized for Apple Silicon Macs. The long-awaited native client has been available in public preview for a couple of months, but it has now started rolling out for users using the Mac App Store version of OneDrive or the standalone version of the app.

“We’re excited to announce that OneDrive sync for macOS will now run natively on Apple silicon. This means that OneDrive will take full advantage of the performance improvements of Apple silicon. We know this has been a long-awaited and highly requested feature, and we’re delighted to make it generally available starting with build 22.022,” the OneDrive team said today.

OneDrive for Mac has received some attention in recent weeks, with Microsoft introducing a new Files On-Demand experience aiming to better integrate OneDrive with the macOS Finder. The change hasn’t been exactly seamless, and Microsoft released an update last week to address the confusion caused by conflicting icons for locally available files.

In addition to the new Apple Silicon support, Microsoft has also started testing Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) with a subset of Insiders using the OneDrive standalone app. The much-anticipated feature will allow Mac users to sync their Desktop and Document folders to OneDrive.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “OneDrive for macOS is Now Optimized for Apple Silicon Macs”

  1. digiguy

    great news, the non native version was so bad that I uninstalled completely from my M1 mini

  2. jdjan

    If we can get a native Teams client as well then will my journey to the dark side be complete.

  3. jwpear

    Not sure if it is related but seems like the Intel version is struggling a bit lately. On my MacBook, it has been processing changes for days. It heats up the bottom and sucks away the battery.

  4. nbplopes

    Don't use OneDrive. But Microsoft Teams performance is bad in the M1 Pro.

    • ianbetteridge

      I've heard a few reports of this and definitely don't doubt you - although I have both M1 and Intel Macs and to be honest the performance isn't brilliant on either.

    • c_j_martinez

      I wouldn't be surprised, since Teams also suffers from bad performance on Intel and Windows. On my M1 MBA it drains the battery faster than any other app.

  5. jollytiki

    The app does not seem to let me access my private files. The folder is not present. That makes it a deal-breaker.