Microsoft is Updating the OneDrive Experience on the Web

Posted on June 16, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in OneDrive with 0 Comments

Microsoft is Updating the OneDrive Experience on the Web

I’ve been getting reports about this from readers over the past few days, but Microsoft has finally come clean on a major user experience makeover that is being rolled out now for OneDrive on the web. The new version of the site has been completely redesigned, Microsoft says, and offers a responsive web experience.

“Today, we are pleased to release our completely re-designed, responsive web experience.,” Microsoft’s Tyler Rasmussen writes in a new post to the OneDrive Blog. “This redesign was a major part of our effort to make OneDrive the best place for everything in your life.”

And according to Rasmussen, this is indeed a major update, one that goes well beyond new colors and fonts. Here’s what’s new:

New layout. OneDrive uses a new visual and responsive grid-based layout that helps the experience adapt to a wide range of device sizes and screen orientations, and do so on the fly. “It brings a sense of order and structure to our experiences while also being flexible enough to enable a more useful web experience on the go,” Rasmussen says.


Color. OneDrive has a new brand color—#234fa2 for you HTML nerds—and a full set of complimentary tonal grays and accent colors.


Typography. On the web, OneDrive uses the Segoe font that will be familiar to Windows users. “Segoe is a custom type family that is the core visual identity element throughout Microsoft’s product ecosystem,” Rasmussen notes. “It is used for all digital products and is designed to maintain legibility across sizes and pixel densities.”


I don’t see this update yet at, but Microsoft says that the new experience is rolling out to all OneDrive users over the next couple of days, so it should just be a short time before I do. And yes, it’s coming to OneDrive for Business as well. Users of that service will see a similar update on the web “before the end of the year,” Microsoft says.

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