Reminder: Act Fast, Save Big on Premium

Posted on March 23, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in with 29 Comments

Reminder: Save Big on Premium

I’m not sure why Microsoft won’t promote this, but you can save big on Premium if you act fast. And the service is now available in many more places than was originally the case.

As you may recall, Microsoft quietly took Premium out of Preview in February after a full year of testing. The service provides custom domain support for five users, with information sharing between those accounts and an ad-free inbox on the web.

There are some nuances to know about, however, especially if you’re used to how custom domains used to work in the now-defunct Windows Live Custom Domains or Google G Suite. So be sure to check out my post Hands-On with Premium, which I believe to be the only real explanation of how this service works anywhere. (Short version: Each custom domain email address, like[email protected], is actually tied to a separate Microsoft account, like [email protected].)

Despite the confusion, and despite Microsoft’s refusal to actually promote or explain this service, I feel that Premium is a great service. And it’s especially great if you sign-up before March 31, 2017 (next Friday), as the temporary pricing is only $19.95 per year. After that date, it jumps to $49.95. (As you probably know, you also have to pay for the custom domain, either through Microsoft or another provider. The cost is about $10 per year.)

So there’s your reminder.

But I have other good news, courtesy of MSPowerUser: While Premium was launched originally in the United States only (typical, I know), it is now available in the following locations too:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

So if you’ve been waiting and hoping to get the service, especially before the price hike—prices are likewise temporarily lower in each of those places—now is the time to strike.

And, you know, maybe Microsoft could start talking it up at some point as well.

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