Outlook’s Much-Awaited Dark Mode for Phones Might Finally Be Coming to the Public

Posted on July 15, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Outlook.com with 9 Comments

Microsoft has been introducing a dark mode for Outlook across all platforms. The Outlook web app has a dark mode, so does the Windows 10 app, and even the classic Office desktop app. The only Outlook apps left to get the dark mode are the Outlook apps for Android and iPhone.

Microsoft teased the new dark mode for Outlook on phones last year, and it might finally be coming to users.

Windows Central got their hands on some official renders for Outlook on Android, showing off the app’s new dark mode. It looks gorgeous, of course, and it will also be arriving for iOS. According to the report, the new dark mode can be easily toggled through the hamburger menu. There’ll also be a dedicated settings section for the dark mode where you can further configure the new dark mode, and enable things like the dark mode to automatically turn on when your battery is low, etc.

This is obviously our first look at Outlook’s dark mode for phones, and it’s nothing surprising at all. Still, the fact that Microsoft has readied official renders for the new mode could suggest that it’s getting ready for public release or beta test soon. And we will let you know once that happens.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Outlook’s Much-Awaited Dark Mode for Phones Might Finally Be Coming to the Public”

  1. goodbar

    Can't wait, always loved dark mode better, plus it gives it more that "windows phone" feel.

  2. Stooks

    Just put dark mode in everything so we can get passed this stuff. The big feature update from Apple, Google and Microsoft for 2018-2019 is dark mode.

    Basically a lack of new innovation and technology has spawned this kind of new "innovation".

  3. will

    I think they said it would come to Android first then iOS. I would guess it will launch around the same time as iOS 13 with dark mode support so the app would follow the system settings.

    But it looks good based on those screen shots!

  4. jim_vernon

    It's about time. Seems like most of their other apps have a dark mode, even the Tasks app.

  5. tomker

    Outlook Windows 10 app?

  6. illuminated

    Wait .... windows phone was uncool because it had dark background. No?

    So when is tile revolution coming to Android and iOS? Cant wait.

  7. yashrajsol124

    I need to admit that I prefer new dark mode for Outlook created by Microsoft, it was very suitable for me. I have read several Outlook manuals to learn all the possible features especially new options. I need to say it's great.