Microsoft Launches Outlook App for Samsung Galaxy Watch

Posted on October 23, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in, Wearables with 9 Comments

Microsoft is delivering on its promise to bring a native Outlook app to the Samsung Galaxy wearables. The company started testing support for a new Outlook app for the Galaxy Watch earlier this month, and it officially launched the new app today.

The new Galaxy Watch app for Outlook is part of Microsoft’s partnership with Samsung, which involved Samsung integrating some of Microsoft’s services into its latest flagship phones.

As for the new Outlook app, it actually provides some decent functionalities. Your email addresses will automatically connect over from your phone on the Watch, and you can get notifications for new email, as well as your calendar events. The app lets you browse your inbox as well, and you reply right from your Watch or take actions like Flag, Mark ars Read, Unread, Archive, and Delete. And if that wasn’t enough for the small screen, you will also be able to filter your email by account, unread, and flagged.

You can get the new Outlook app from the Galaxy Store here, but do note that the link doesn’t seem to work if you are from outside the United States.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Launches Outlook App for Samsung Galaxy Watch”

  1. ghostrider

    MS and Samsung have some very weird arrangement going on. MS are obviously trying to subvert Android via the back door - that's obvious, but these little apps turning up here and there on Samsung devices are strange. A few years back, MS were in the process of suing Samsung for something I can't remember, then suddenly, the case was dropped, and now MS and Samsung are best buddies. It's not difficult to see what's happening though - a deal was made for sure allowing MS a route into Android via the largest phone manufacturer in the world. Now Samsung pre-load a whole host of MS apps on their devices, and an Outlook app appearing on a Samsung Tizen smartwatch - whatever next exactly?

    • Jim Lewis

      In reply to ghostrider:
      Where Outlook goes, MS ToDo should follow, especially since MS ToDo now integrates/can be used with desktop Outlook. If one adds Outlook to a Samsung watch for audience reach, it makes sense to add ToDo also in the not-too-distant future.

  2. merill

    This is all about the enterprise market. Second biggest user base outside of Apple is Samsung

  3. Jim Lewis

    Thanks for the tip! If Microsoft made a ToDo app for Galaxy watches, too, I might actually use MS ToDo. Here's hoping! Same for a Cortana hookup between watch microphone and phone. I have the Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier and it's a great smartwatch that Samsung has upgraded through several generations of Tizen. I mainly use the S3 Frontier for fitness, sleep monitoring, and seeing who's calling me when it's not handy to pull out my phone right away. The countdown timer function comes in handy, too, as I'm more likely not to ignore something buzzing on my wrist whereas I've absentmindedly dismissed ambient AI speaker assistant reminders all the time. But I do also glance at e-mails and texts that show up on the watch (I've been using the Samsung e-mail app in the past). So, hurray! Maybe now I can switch to Oulook on the watch, same as I use on my Note 8.

    • wolters

      In reply to Jim_Lewis:

      Agreed...the Gear / Galaxy Watches are truly the best "SmartWatch" you can get for Android.

      • Jim Lewis

        In reply to wolters:
        I should have added that I use the MST payment feature on the S3 Frontier watch all the time time and just as Samsung claims, it appears to work with ~90% of card payment terminals including classic card swipe-only terminals as well as NFC-based terminals. Apparently, there's not only the physical interaction with the terminal but the cloud software behind accepting a transaction that also has to be there - for a while the old card terminal at my vet clinic would recognize the watch but the payment software would reject the transaction as "unrecognized." Such snafu's have been very rare and the watch works places where the clerk is telling me, "Sorry. We don't have Apple Pay!"
        The disappointing part is that Samsung seems to have discontinued the MST (magnetic secure transmission) payment method in its newer watches, apparently because securely emulating a magnetic card swipe requires big watch dimensions and big watches seem to be a turnoff.
        But I am envious of Apple Watch functionality. Particularly as I am an older person and a hearing aid wearer now, one can control my brand of hearing aids from an Apple Watch but not from a Samsung watch. If only the Apple Watch were not so expensive, the battery were not irreplaceable, I might consider switching to iPhone/Apple Watch just for that functionality (and the direct "Made for iPhone (MFI) call and media BLE streaming between HA's and iPhone, no intermediate streamer required). ~All other Apple devices the battery is replaceable but not the Apple watch. The S3 Frontier watch battery is almost user-replaceable (if you're careful) so that may be a reason to stick with my S3 Frontier for some years to come unless Apple or Android watch makers up the ante considerably.

  4. Rycott

    I'd 100% prefer they did a Skype app. I don't want to email from my watch but being able to send a quick Skype message would be handy.

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