Skype Extension for Chrome Updated Email, Calendar and Twitter Support

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud,, Skype, Social with 1 Comment

Skype Extension for Chrome Updated Email, Calendar and Twitter Support

Microsoft announced today that its Skype extension for Chrome has been updated to support Microsoft and third party email and calendar services, as well as Twitter.

“We are expanding our Skype extension for Google Chrome to enable Skype integration across more of the online tools you use every day, including calendars, email, and even social media,” a blog post attributed to the Skype team reads. “With the latest update of the Skype extension for Chrome, you can create and insert Skype call links with just one click or tap, from right within your email, calendar item, or tweet.”

I had actually forgotten that Microsoft made a Skype extension for Chrome—God knows I’m trying to reduce Skype interruptions, not expand on them—but this actually looks interesting. And, more to the point, useful.

Here’s what’s new.

Email support. Now, you can easily add a Skype call link in an email message in, Google Inbox, and Gmail using a new Skype logo-like button in the webmail’s toolbar.

Calendar support. You can likewise add a Skype call link in an event or meeting in or Google Calendar. In this case, you’ll see a new “Skype video call” option in the item’s details view.

Twitter support. On the Twitter website, you will now see a Skype call icon while you’re composing a tweet. Microsoft says you can use this to add a link for an “Ask Me Anything,” webinar, or other Skype-based meeting.

The Skype extension for Chrome is of course free. You can download it now from the Chrome Web Store.


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