Microsoft Tweaks Skype Notifications in and OneDrive

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, OneDrive,, Skype with 3 Comments

Microsoft Tweaks Skype Notifications in and OneDrive

Microsoft reached out to me this morning to discuss a nice change coming to Skype notifications in and OneDrive on the web. If you’ve complained about the intrusiveness of these notifications, as I have, you’ll appreciate this.

As you may recall, Microsoft added Skype notifications to and OneDrive on the web last year. But the firm neglected to provide a way to turn those notifications off. So if you left either site open in a web browser tab, you would receive multiple notifications—from the Skype app in Windows, plus those tabs—every time Skype woke up to tell you something. It got me a bit twitchy, for sure. But it made using those services on the web, as I prefer, maddening.

In January, Microsoft finally added the feature I was asking for: A way to turn off Skype notifications in and OneDrive. So you can make the change once and it will persist across these services, and across browsers and PCs, going forward.

This week, however, Microsoft is further tweaking this capability.

“This week you will have the options to customize IM and Call notifications per your personal preference under Skype settings,” Skype director of products Eugene Ho told me. Here’s what the new settings UI will look like.

What I see here looks great: Now, you can individually configure chat (IM) and call notifications, and whether each triggers sounds. Very nice.


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