Microsoft’s Working to Bring Back the ‘Compact View’ to Modern Skype

Posted on August 5, 2018 by Brad Sams in Skype with 12 Comments

With all the updates over the years for Skype, especially the transition to the Store, one feature that has been lost for most users is the ability to use a ‘compact’ view of Skype. For those that have been missing this view, there is good news on the horizon.

The Skype team is looking for feedback on three different ‘compact’ views of Skype and you can see them in the image at the top of this post. The tabbed, split, and hub views offer a different take on how to bring a compact view back to Skype and the team is looking for feedback about which way you prefer.

There is a survey that you can take here that shows the different options for the split view and how they function. There is nothing ground-breaking here but it’s good to see that this functionality will be coming back to the modern version of the application.

Further, it’s good to see that Microsoft is listening to feedback about how to implement this functionality rather than shoving an update out to everyone with blind eyes and ears. The last time the company did that, they overhauled the mobile apps to try and take on Snapchat and other social apps which ended in a spectacular failure.

There isn’t any indication on when compact view will return but it’s clear the Skype team is deep into the design process for the update which hopefully means we don’t have to wait too much longer.

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