Skype for Windows Desktop Gets Improved Sharing

Posted on December 3, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Skype with 0 Comments

Skype for Windows Desktop Gets Improved Sharing

A new version of the Skype desktop application for Windows is now available, offering simpler sharing of photos, files, video messages, contacts and emoticons.

This new release, Skype for Windows desktop 7.16, is semi-related to the Skype Share button for the web that debuted last month. That is, Microsoft recognizes that users want to share things with their friends over Skype, and now they’re making it much easier.

As for the Windows desktop client, the new sharing capabilities come via a new toolbar, found at the bottom of conversation windows, which you can use to quickly share photos, files, video messages, contacts and emoticons. This replaces the previous toolbar, which had only two buttons: Send contacts and media (which had a pop-up menu for photos, files, video messages, and contacts) and Insert emoticon.


“Sharing shouldn’t take too many clicks,” the Skype team explains. “As you type, the toolbar will minimize itself so you can see more of what you type. To expand it again, just click the paper clip menu.”

Additionally, Microsoft is today starting to roll URL previews to Skype for Windows users. This means you will now see a preview of what was shared with you rather than non-descriptive hyperlink.


You can download the new Skype version for Windows desktop from the Skype web site. Or, just choose Help then Check for updates from any Skype window.


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