Skype for Business Offers Deeper Integration with iOS 10

Posted on November 28, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in iOS, Office 365, Skype with 2 Comments

Skype for Business Offers Deeper Integration with iOS 10

Thanks to new integration capabilities in iOS 10, Skype for Business calls can work the same way as the native calling experience on Apple’s devices. This, Microsoft says, means you can now seamlessly extend your personal device as a business phone.

So, what does this mean to users?

Lock screen support. You can now accept an incoming Skype for Business call directly from the lock screen. So you no longer need to sign-in and launch the app to receive calls. Skype for Business calls will appear and behave just as regular cellular calls do—including being able to see the caller’s name on the lock screen, Microsoft notes.


Integrate Skype for Business into your device’s call interface. Now, you can access Skype for Business from the calling interface with just one touch: There’s a new Skype for Business button right in the iOS screen for calls.


Switch between cellular calls, Skype for Business calls, and other VoIP calls. You can now switch between calls across Skype for Business, your personal cellular line and other VoIP applications that support this new iOS 10 functionality. “If you are in an important Skype for Business conversation and receive an incoming cellular call, you can send the second call to voicemail or put the Skype for Business call on hold to accept the incoming cellular call,” Microsoft notes. “You’ll also see Skype for Business calls in your phone’s call history.”

Handle incoming cellular calls while using Skype for Business. While you’re using Skype for Business, you can now send incoming cellular calls to voicemail or put the Skype for Business call on hold to accept the incoming cellular call.

IT control. The new Skype for Business features are enabled by default on IOS 10. But IT admins who prefer to disable this functionality can do so to a granular level. For example, you may not wish for Skype for Business calls to appear in the native iOS call log.


Skype for Business is available for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store.


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2 responses to “Skype for Business Offers Deeper Integration with iOS 10”

  1. 180

    Huh. And last week I uninstalled SfB in favor of putting Microsoft Teams on my cellphone. They really ought to just roll all this functionality into a single app.

  2. 10326

    Skype for business is good. Additionally, you may also try tools like R-HUB web conferencing servers for all your online conferencing needs. It is an on premise solution which works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc.