Immersive Reader is Now Available in Outlook on the Web and OneNote for Windows 10

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office, Office 365, Windows 10 with 3 Comments

Immersive Reader is Now Available in Outlook on the Web and OneNote for Windows 10

Microsoft announced today that it has brought its Immersive Reader experience to Outlook on the web—part of Office 365 commercial—and the OneNote app for Windows 10. This Microsoft Learning Tools functionality is designed to help people read more effectively, and it was previously made available in Word Online and OneNote Online.

Immersive Reader provides the following:

Read aloud. Immersive Reader can read text out loud with simultaneous highlighting. This “improves decoding, fluency, and comprehension while sustaining the reader’s focus and attention,” Microsoft says.

Better font spacing. Immersive Reader optimizes font spacing in a narrow column view to improve reading fluency for those users with visual crowding issues.

Syllables. Immersive Reader can display the breaks between syllables to help improve word recognition and decoding.

Parts of Speech. Immersive Reader supports writing instruction and grammar comprehension by identifying verbs, nouns, and adjectives for the reader.

Additionally, Microsoft is adding support for an additional 14 languages and more locals across the solutions in which Immersive Reader is available. It now supports an incredible list of languages.

Those interested in seeing how Immersive Reader should also check out the Try it out tool on the Microsoft Learning Tools website. “Try it out allows anyone to quickly and easily try out the Immersive Reader, without needing an Office 365 ID or a Microsoft account,” Microsoft explains. “We hope these announcements enable more people to read in a way that works best for them, and we look forward to hearing impactful stories from more of you.”


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4 responses to “Immersive Reader is Now Available in Outlook on the Web and OneNote for Windows 10”

  1. harmjr

    I just tested this out in OneNote 2016 Desktop and it great! We have a built in dictation button. :)

  2. sharpsone

    That's pretty cool...i can see myself using this as I multi-task my azz off.

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