Microsoft Brings an Office 365 Workspace to the Mac

Posted on September 8, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Office 365, iOS with 5 Comments

A new Microsoft Garage project called My Workspace brings Office 365 to the macOS desktop. It’s also the first-ever Garage project built for Mac.

“My Workspace is a Mac menu bar app that brings together your Office 365 experience into one, easy-to-access place, so that you can be more productive,” an introductory video explains. “You can get a quick overview of your day with the Calendar Events section, RSVP to events, and join your Skype meetings with a single click.”

According to the My Workspace website, this utility came about when a Vancouver-based Garage intern team was “challenged to add value to a person’s day using the Office 365 suite.” So naturally, they decided to further challenge themselves by using the Mac.

“After talking to busy people, the team narrowed down the main things that help a person stay organized throughout a busy day: people responded en masse that they were missing an at-a-glance view of their day and often lose track of shared files. My Workspace was born,” the site explains. “There is nothing like this on the Mac platform for the Office 365 suite.”

Taking a quick look at My Workspace, I see that it works with both personal (Microsoft) accounts and work/education accounts, so I chose the former. My schedule goes through Google Calendar, so it doesn’t pop-up in the Calendar Events section, but this looks like an interesting take on that Today view that used to be (maybe still is) in Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

The bottom half of the pop-up window is dedicated to documents—with pinned and recent views—and you can launch the Mac-based Microsoft Office apps, if you have them.

Configuration possibilities are limited. You can only connect one account, so you have to choose between consumer and work/school accounts. And you can set the number of Calendar Events and Recent Documents to display, plus configure which Microsoft Office apps appear in the App Launcher. You can’t add other apps.

Overall, this looks like a pretty nifty front-end to Office 365.

You can download My Workspace from the Microsoft Garage website.

Thanks to Bob B. for the tip via email.


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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Brings an Office 365 Workspace to the Mac”

  1. Stooks

    Great to see them doing this but the timing is usual Microsoft as Mac market share just dropped below 6% according to Netmarketshare.

    It was almost 10% (9.50%) in April of 2016. I wonder why this 40% in market share drop is not covered by any one.

    • Jeffsters

      In reply to Stooks: The REAL story not covered is Linux use almost doubled on the desktop! As for April 2016 that was when Apple's long awaited updated to the MacBook shipped where prior to that month bounced in the 6-8% range forever. This month there is the expectation of new products and it's dropped to 5.94%. Windows hasn't moved much either bouncing between 90-91% actually also going down in Aug 2017 telling us that it's not a loss of share to Windows but a loss of sales in the space overall hitting the Mac more with the wait on Apple's announcements. That's all I can come up with given the data.

  2. creugea7

    Great idea, crapy execution. It only sees the main calendar. If you have other calendars it doesn't display them. :( It could of been a great app to have... How did they think people only have one calendar??

  3. Ravi Tx

    Microsoft Garage is one of the best thing happened to Microsoft as Microsoft Garage proves every time whey they release something.

  4. tomms23

    Great pleasure that I can read this blog.