Microsoft Teams Now Lets You Add Guest Users With Any Email

Posted on February 28, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365 with 3 Comments

Microsoft is today advancing guest account support for Teams. When Microsoft first launched guest account support for Teams, the company only allowed users with Azure AD accounts to be added as guests to a team using the service.

Today, it’s enabling support for any email account with guest accounts. This means you can now add a guest with their Outlook, or even a Gmail account. Setting up guest accounts with a non-Azure AD account is pretty straightforward — once you add a guest, they will get notified through email and they can follow the link to accept your invitation and join your team as a guest. Like the regular guest accounts, you’ll be able to control their permissions easily, too.

The support for all email accounts for guest accounts is important mainly because Microsoft is getting ready to launch a new, freemium version of Teams to take on Slack. Teams has only been available to Office 365 business users to date, but the launch of a freemium version of Teams will allow Microsoft to directly compete with Slack, one of the market’s leading communication tools for businesses that already offers a free version.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Teams Now Lets You Add Guest Users With Any Email”

  1. thalter

    This is huge. Ability to collaborate with people outside of our organization is one of the main reasons we still use Slack at my company (and why we've been resisting the corporate push to Teams).

  2. IanYates82

    I can see massive application for this. We're finally moving from on-prem to Office 365. Teams looked nice, but we're a small company with 4 staff members, but 70+ customers around the country, each with several staff members. Ticket systems are nice but I can see we might be able to set up channels for each customer and just let them in to discuss projects, etc as required. All history is there in a place controlled by us. I'll certainly be giving it a go :)

  3. Roger Ramjet

    Meanwhile Microsoft Google a day late and a penny short with (enter any product here) Hangouts.

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