Evernote Comes to Microsoft Teams

Posted on June 19, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365 with 5 Comments

Microsoft is teaming up with Evernote to integrate the service into Microsoft Teams. The integration of Evernote will allow companies using both the services to access their notes directly from the Teams app.

Using the Evernote integration, you will be able to share notes in channels, pin notes to channels, or even search for channels with the Evernote plugin. You will also be able to access things like whiteboard images, offline documents, and handwritten notes stored on Evernote. You can even update and edit notes on Evernote from within Teams, and it’s supposed to boost your team’s productivity as you won’t be switching between the two apps while collaborating.

“Our latest integration brings Evernote into the context of your conversations in Teams so you can easily reference specific notes within a conversation, and access notes without having to leave the Teams experience. With Evernote for Microsoft Teams, you can seamlessly share, pin, edit, and search your Evernote content—right from the Microsoft Teams app. This helps you work without interruption and keeps everyone on the same page,” said Evernote’s Anthony Bartlett, announcing the new integration.

You can get the Evernote for Teams add-on from Microsoft here.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Evernote Comes to Microsoft Teams”

    • DiverAllen

      In reply to BarretBlake:

      Interesting that they chose evernote instead of onenote. Or maybe onenote is already integrated?

      • jrickel96

        In reply to DiverAllen:

        OneNote is already integrated.

        MS has been very proactive in supporting competing products in Teams. For instance, you get access to Microsoft Planner in Office 365 for Business which is a Trello like Project Management tool, but Teams also supports Trello, Asana, Wrike, and others - as well as provides an API that allows you to create a link to a lot of different software you'd like to add in. It links with GitHub as well, but can also link with GitLab, BitBucket, and others.

        MS has worked to make sure these things work well, but they have also documented how to link something into Office 365 that is not presently linked as well.

        Office 365 is fast becoming the one stop shop for pretty much everything. The only thing missing is something like TeamViewer for stronger Remote Access, but everything from broadcast to conference lines, etc is provided for on the Office 365 chain. If they bought Team Viewer then the portfolio would be pretty much complete.

  1. SvenJ

    Office 365, now with Google Docs support. (only a matter of time)

  2. EmilyBrown

    Evernote is very good tool to share our notes, save bookmarks, save web clips and happy to know that now it has been integrating the service into Microsoft Teams that will allow businesses using both the services to access their notes directly from the called Teams app using with the Evernote plugin. Isn’t’ great? Found here good conversation on Evernote and OneNote both are equally helpful to save necessary resources, stuff etc. I am using evernote to save researched data to be used in my work at Dissertation Help UK, thus I can refer any time without hassle.

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