Microsoft PowerPoint Now Helps You Deliver the Perfect Presentation

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Office 365 with 6 Comments

Microsoft is announcing some new features for its Office apps today. One of the interesting features being announced today is the new Presenter Coach for PowerPoint.

It’s a new feature that takes advantage of AI to help users deliver the perfect presentation and improve your public speaking skills. The feature, first coming to PowerPoint on the web, will allow users to rehearse their presentation. During the rehearsal, PowerPoint will give users real-time on-screen feedback that will help you improve your presentation skills. The coach is apparently able to give you tips on things like your pacing, use of filler words, and use of sensitive phrases.

All of that will be provided in real-time, and PowerPoint will present you with a final report at the end of the rehearsal session, which you can download locally and go for another rehearsal till you feel comfortable. Microsoft says the new feature only works in English, and it plans to introduce new features and improve performance in the coming months.

Microsoft is also improving Inking capabilities for PowerPoint on the web, meaning you can now ink and annotate on your presentations. The feature comes with an Ink Replay animation for your slides, which will allow you to put some interesting animations on your slides.

The company is also introducing new templates for the Microsoft Whiteboard app, and new 3D models and lesson plans for students using Office for desktop.

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