Office 365 Commercial, Windows 10, Azure AD, and You (Premium)


Most readers are probably familiar with the fact that Windows 10 supports Microsoft account (MSA) sign-ins in addition to more traditional local accounts. In fact, in recent Windows 10 versions, Microsoft has made it very difficult to not use an MSA the first time you bring up a new PC: Microsoft really wants you to use an MSA. (I’ll be addressing that problem in the Windows 10 Field Guide soon.)

And there are good reasons for using your MSA with Windows 10*. An MSA sign-in automatically passes that sign-in through to apps like Microsoft Edge, the Microsoft Store, Mail, and Movies & TV. It’s more secure, because it can be protected with two-factor authentication (2FA) and take advantage of password-less sign-ins. And it supports settings sync, so that many (but sadly not all) of your personalization changes persist between PCs.

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