Facebook Is Making Changes to Stories after Slow User Adoption

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Social with 9 Comments

Ever since the success of Instagram Stories, Facebook has been working hard to bring similar features to its other products. The company now has a Snapchat Stories clone for WhatsApp, Messenger, and its core social network. While Instagram Stories was a massive success for the company, Facebook Stories and other products saw very little user adoption for obvious reasons: teens don’t want to share their everyday life with their Facebook friends, and the majority of them don’t even consider it to be a “cool” place anymore.

The company is now making some changes to Stories with the aim to get users to actually start sharing their days with their friends. Facebook is merging Stories with Messenger Day, which means your day will now be synced across both the services, reports TechCrunch. For months, the features were completely separated from each other which was an interesting move from Facebook, to begin with. The fact is that most people who share things on Messenger Day don’t bother to share it separately on Facebook Stories, and automatically syncing the Stories across both the services makes a lot of sense.

I think it’s only a matter of time before Facebook gives users the option to sync Stories across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and maybe even WhatsApp. Instagram is already pretty well integrated with Facebook, so connecting both the services’ Stories feature shouldn’t be too much of a technical problem. In fact, Instagram is already testing a feature that lets users cross-post their Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories — and with Facebook Stories now syncing with Messenger, your day can now be shared across all of your social networks.

The changes to Facebook Stories comes at a critical point for the company: Snapchat is expected to unveil a major overhaul of its app sometime soon to make the design a lot less confusing, and there’s a decent chance of Snap succeeding at bringing its dying chatting app back to life.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Facebook Is Making Changes to Stories after Slow User Adoption”

  1. StephenCWLL

    Nice solid start by Mehedi :)

  2. cybrtitan

    I would be pissed if my Instagram stories started showing on facebook.. I keep that fairly curated and my family does not use instagram

  3. will

    Facebook: "No one is using this new feature we setup, so lets make this feature the default and only option for all of our apps"

  4. rameshthanikodi

    Facebook needs to understand that it's okay to kill a feature that no one uses.

  5. kjb434

    Facebook, doing its best to continue to bury the "most recent" feed. The only part of Facebook I ever use. If only there was a Facebook Lite app like Twitter lite.