Spotify Premium Gets Revamped With Improved Personalization

Posted on October 18, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 6 Comments

Spotify released a major upgrade to its premium music streaming service. The company today announced a major upgrade for Spotify Premium that will now offer improved personalization on iOS and Android.

The revamped Spotify app now comes with a streamlined navigation, giving you quick access to Home, Search, and your personal library. The main headline improvement here, however, is the new search feature. Spotify has completely revamped the search experience to be more personalized than ever before. When you hit the search icon, it now displays things like your top genres right at the top of the screen where you can quickly play music from all the different genres you love.

Spotify Premium now also comes with endless Artist Radio playlists that let you listen to your favorite songs and artists based on your own personal taste. These playlists can even be downloaded for offline playback.

Although Spotify’s latest set of upgrades aren’t major, they seem like the beginning of more updates. Spotify has been facing a ton of competition ever since Apple Music came out, and so the company has been constantly working to improve its own music streaming service with more personalised experiences.

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