Facebook Hits the Reset Button: Redesigns Messenger for Simplicity

Posted on October 23, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 6 Comments

Facebook is finally fixing Messenger. The social network giant today launched Messenger 4, a completely new Messenger experience that will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Messenger 4 introduces a completely redesigned interface. The point of the major update is to focus on simplicity and remove all the annoying, idiotic distractions Facebook has been adding over the past few years to generate revenue. The company has finally realised its mistakes, and it’s now hitting the reset button to make things simple, again.

The New Messenger

Say ? to the new Messenger. We've simplified the experience to make it easier for you to find the features you like, connect with the people you care about, and personalize your conversations.

Posted by Messenger on Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The new Messenger has three tabs: chats, people, and discover. Chats gives you access to all your recent chats with direct access to your friends’ stories, while the people chat shows you all of your contacts, and the discover tab gives you access to all the distractions that made Messenger annoying to use. And that includes things like games, and direct access to businesses for customer service, and similar things.

The modern design of Messenger makes brilliant use of whitespace and looks really clean in my opinion. Facebook is also redesigning the chat experience, with new message bubbles that have this Skype-like gradient.

Facebook says the company will introduce a Dark Mode for the new Messenger in the near future, too. The update is rolling out now on Android and iOS, though it will likely take a while before the updated experience is available for everyone.


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Facebook Hits the Reset Button: Redesigns Messenger for Simplicity”

  1. joran_nohr

    Has been been available in Norway for some time :) took some getting used too ...

  2. Richicoder

    It is quite reminiscent of Skype's toned down new version, right down the the tabs. I like it, but currently trying to wean myself off Facebook completely.

  3. joshhuggins

    Now if they would only do this with the main app.

  4. Corey Ditter

    It doesn't look too different from Messenger Lite (made by Facebook), which is a good alternative if you don't like those chat heads floating around your screen

  5. FalseAgent

    If Facebook was smart enough, they wouldn't have wasted resources with their snapchat envy in the first place, and then waste even more resources re-designing the app after they saddled it. If a Chinese company desperately copied snapchat like Facebook did, you would never see the western media shut up about it.

    And if Facebook really understood their portfolio, they would absolutely recognize that they already built a great Messenger app - it's called Messenger Lite. This kind massive mismanagement and duplication is the kind of thing Microsoft gets chided for, but as usual, silicon valley doesn't get punished the same way as redmond.

    However, I do think something is simmering beneath the surface, and that people beginning to understand that Facebook's product is social engineering, not genuine connections. And to challenge Facebook, you have to challenge their Network Effect.

  6. monojoli

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