Instagram Will Soon Let People Promote Their Stories On Your Feed

Posted on November 2, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 2 Comments

Instagram is one of the less annoying social networks where ads aren’t exactly intrusive. There are a bunch of different types of ads on Instagram, including things like ads on your feed and ads between stories.

Soon, though, it could get a little messy.

Instagram is launching a new Promote for Stories ad type that will let users and businesses promote their stories. This will work exactly like how normal post ads show up on your feed. But instead of your feed, these promoted Stories will show up between the existing Story ads and Stories from people you follow. By letting anyone promote their own stories into the Stories feed of other users, Instagram could be confusing a bunch of users if it’s not implemented correctly.

For example, if an influencer decided to promote their Story and you don’t even follow them, their Stories showing up between the Stories from people you follow could be potentially confusing if you can’t tell if it’s a promoted Story from the get-go.

These still work much like regular Instagram Stories ads, though they make it much easier for anyone to promote their Stories. You can just create a regular story with the Instagram app, post, and promote with a few taps, for example.

Instagram Stories is getting some other new features soon, too — Shazam now lets you share music directly from the app to Instagram Stories, and you can now share videos from IGTV on Stories.

Facebook has been long and hard with Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Status. Although Instagram has been the most successful with the Stories feature, Facebook has continued to develop the other apps. In fact, it’s even putting ads on WhatsApp Status.

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2 responses to “Instagram Will Soon Let People Promote Their Stories On Your Feed”

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    This can only end badly, but you'd be a moron to not see it coming.

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    Several years ago Facebook briefly allowed users to promote their Facebook posts to ensure their friends and followers saw them. Kind of crazy, but I guess people might have liked that option once they realized that many of their posts would never otherwise show up on their friends' feeds.

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