Instagram Finally Puts the Hammer Down on Fake Likes and Followers

Posted on November 19, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 7 Comments

If you follow influencers on Instagram, chances are their followers and likes aren’t from real people. The problem with that is people who aren’t really all that famous pretend to be famous with fake likes, and that’s led to a bunch of funny incidents online.

And Instagram knows that’s a real issue for its platform — especially when things like the follower and like counts mean so much to users nowadays. With people becoming increasingly willing to use services that allow them to get fake likes, followers, and comments, Instagram is finally taking action.

The company says it has built new machine learning tools that will automatically be able to detect accounts that are using such services and remove their fake likes, comments, and followers. Additionally, the company will also inform the users with an in-app message that will ask them to change their account’s password as these services usually require users to provide their actual credentials. Scary, I know.

The move here was much-needed from the company. Instagram is arguably the biggest, public social network around right now, and fake likes and followers can really be a problem for the platform’s authenticity.

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