Your Instagram Profile Will Soon Get More Cluttered

Posted on November 21, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 10 Comments

Profile pages on Instagram are getting a new look, soon. Instagram today announced somewhat of a major redesign for profiles on the platform, rearranging a bunch of things around. The upcoming changes are being rolled out slowly.

Profile pictures, for example, have been moved to the right from the left. And your personal details now reside on the left. The company is also deemphasising follower counts, much like Twitter. For business profiles, you will also see new options like “Start Order” on the profile pages, along with the other buttons and it honestly looks very cluttered.

Your actual feed will remain the same, though. You can view posts as a grid or a list just like before, but now Instagram is adding a new IGTV tab to profiles so you can easily see what IGTV content has been posted by a user. And that just seems like a forced effort Instagram to get users to use IGTV — truth is, no one actually uses IGTV apart from influencers and brands, so having an empty IGTV tab with no content can turn out to be quite annoying.

One nice addition I really like is that you can now see a list of mutual followers for a profile along with a user’s followers and the users they are following. This was possible before, but it was just separated into a different section. Combining all of these into the same section makes a lot of sense.

I feel like Instagram is about to get a lot more cluttered. Now that the company’s original founders are no longer at Facebook, the company will essentially be dictating all the upcoming changes to Instagram. And just like Messenger, Instagram will likely get a bunch of idiotic, unnecessary features that clutter the app and push users away. Take the annoying IGTV notifications as an example.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Your Instagram Profile Will Soon Get More Cluttered”

  1. will

    I have noticed more and more ads overall. Between 1-2 stories is an ad, and when scrolling I usually get an add after 2-3 posts.

    We need a new social platform that gives us privacy, security, and a new experience that is not focused first on ads.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to will:

      And how much per month are you willing and all your friends willing to pay for that?

      • TallGuySE

        In reply to lvthunder:

        I’d be curious as to what they’d need to charge to make up the difference in ad revenue. I’m fine with paying $10/month for both YouTube Premium and Music. Wouldn’t pay anything close to that for Instagram, but no ads are probably worth something.

  2. Winner

    I don't use Instagram because I don't trust Facebook's ethics.

    I use Facebook only rarely.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to Winner:

      And which of Facebook's ethics do you disagree with? What about Google? Do you trust them?

      • Winner

        In reply to lvthunder:

        I trust Google a lot more than FB.

        Just in today's headlines

        "Facebook executive admits hiring firm that linked critics to Soros"

        Or Google for the WaPo article "14 Years of Mark Zuckerberg saying Sorry, Not Sorry"

        • waethorn

          In reply to Winner:

          You mean like Google's draconian censorship campaigns to stifle non-far-Left Wing ideologies? How about lying about the ability to disable location services in Android?

  3. Minke

    It is interesting to me how every social media site tries to maximize engagement by those who are already addicted to their opiod-like products, while doing very little to attract those who maybe want to actually socialize, or learn something, or maybe just spend a few pleasurable moments online. It appears that social media is the new equivalent of slot machines for the masses. Myself, I kind of enjoy Twitter the most because I can easily fine tune my feed to keep me updated on things I am interested in without seeing a lot of crap that I don't want to see, though they are doing their darndest to ruin it by feeding me stuff I don't want to see.

  4. prince11

    nice article i am regular user

  5. TallGuySE

    Instagram had become my social media platform of choice, because it focuses on what my friends are doing (or what they want people to think they're doing) and where they are.  Facebook has become completely unpleasant to me. Now Instagram is becoming more like its parent, with ads and clutter making it less appealing. It's only a matter of time before they ruin WhatsApp too ...