Instagram Is Getting More Accessible

Posted on November 28, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 0 Comments

Instagram is introducing a new feature on its apps to make the platform more accessible to visually impaired users. The company is introducing a new feature powered by machine language that will automatically describe the content of a picture to users using screen readers. The feature uses object recognition tech to automatically detect what is in the picture, as well as a rough idea of what’s happening in the picture to make Instagram increasingly more accessible to users.

But of course, the feature may not always be perfect and that’s why Instagram is also allowing users to input custom Alt text for all of their posts that describes their post to people with visual impairments. This feature already exists on platforms like Twitter, and it’s a really nice way of making sure no one is left out.

Instagram, out of all the social networks, is the last place you’d expect to be accessible to visually impaired users. And it is really nice to see Instagram putting in the effort to make that change and support all its users with visual impairments.

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