Instagram Rolls Out Horrible New Redesign, Pulls Back After Quick Backlash

Posted on December 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 6 Comments

Instagram today rolled out a new redesign for its app. The redesign completely changes how Instagram works — it turns the feed into a horizontally scrollable feed, much like how the Stories format work.

You are able to tap through posts and switch between posts like stories, and there’s also a progress bar at the top that shows how many posts you have seen in your current feed. Pulling up on a post takes you to the comments, and you can like/share/save posts like before.

Instagram has been testing the feature since October, and the company rolled it out to more users today. The rollout led to a ton of quick backlash from Instagram users, who definitely aren’t a fan of the new design:

We love a Bird Box meme:

It looks like Instagram might have released the update to everyone by mistake. The company has now pulled the update for everyone after the quick backlash, likely because it was only meant to be tested with a small number of users. Still, there’s a good chance the update will make a comeback in the future, but this backlash should be a good indicator to Instagram as to how terrible this idea is.

Crisis averted. For now.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Instagram Rolls Out Horrible New Redesign, Pulls Back After Quick Backlash”

  1. woelfel

    Rollback was so fast that I didn't even notice it.

  2. yoshi

    Just checked mine and it's this new way. This is a nightmare.

  3. sentinel6671

    This event reinforces that everyone should have their own platform, namely a blog with their own domain name. The big social media companies can never be trusted to act in the best interests of the user base. I bet this update will be back, whether we want it or not.

  4. LT1 Z51

    Mine was like that for 5 minutes. It was awful.

  5. ReformedCtrlZ

    Kinda wish I had seen this. From what I've seen I actually really like that design. I like the focus on each post as a separate thing instead of just back-to-back posts. I'd love to see them implement this as an option for users, especially those of us who seem to like it.

  6. Robert_Wood

    Instagram should learn from Snapchat on what happens when you radically redesign your platform. They copied everything else from Snapchat, they should probably learn from Snap's mistakes too.