Snapchat Promises Faster Android Experience With Rebuilt App

Posted on April 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Social with 0 Comments

Snap is releasing its brand new Android app this week. The company has previously faced a lot of criticism over the Snapchat experience on Android, and it has reportedly been working for more than a year to finally fix some of those problems.

Snap initially tried to fix the major problems with its existing Android app, late realising that it had to completely rebuild the app to weed out all the issues. And with the newly rebuilt app, the company says you will get a faster snapping experience that’s also more reliable. Snapchat has focused on things like low-end devices, where the Snapchat experience simply wasn’t good enough in the past.

And although Snap does promise a better experience, the company still doesn’t seem to be using the native camera APIs on Android for taking snaps, so the quality of your snaps will continue to be terrible.

What’s more, the new Android app is reportedly missing a bunch of key features that existed in the old app. That will be a major problem for some users who use Snapchat regularly but considering Snap’s history, that’s no surprise. The company has always focused heavily on iPhones, and even with the new Android app, the Snapchat experience on iPhones continues to be superior.

Snap is claiming that it will now be able to ship updates faster with the new app, so hopefully some of these initial problems will get addressed quickly.

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