Instagram Now Lets You Add Lyrics to Songs on Stories

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 1 Comment

Instagram is taking its Music feature for Stories to the next level with a brand new feature this week. After a lot of testing, the company is making its new Lyrics in Stories feature that allows users to add lyrics for songs to their stories.

Previously, users were only able to add music to their photos and videos uploaded to Instagram Stories. But with today’s update, you will be able to add lyrics for the segment of the music you want to play. Like all its other text-based features, Instagram lets you do a lot of cool things with these stickers.

“Music can be a big part of expression on Instagram – between adding music to Stories, connecting with artists, sending song recs back-and-forth, there are lots of ways to connect with music on IG. Now, we’re building on our music features and introducing the ability to add lyrics when you add a song to your story.” an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch. 

You can choose from different text likes like a typewriter or a big, bold font, and you can also choose different animations for the lyrics. You can choose to have the lyrics show as the music plays, or you can simply show the entire lyrics for the segment of music you are playing.

The new Instagram Lyrics in Stories feature is available to users in regions where the Music sticker is available, here’s the launch video for it:

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  1. mr shado

    Thanks for amazing information about instagram new feature. its amazing to add store with song and lyrics. To know about lyrics and find any lyrics visit

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