Tip: Download Visual Studio 2017 and Get 60 Days of Xamarin University for Free

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Dev, iOS, Mobile with 8 Comments

Tip: Download Visual Studio 2017 and Get 60-Days of Xamarin University for Free

As you probably heard, Microsoft launched Visual Studio 2017 yesterday. But as an added bonus, anyone who downloads the suite will also get a 60-day trial of Xamarin University. This is worth doing.

You’ll see the Xamarin University offer when you download any version of Visual Studio. (It’s not clear when this offer ends, if ever.)

So what is Xamarin University, exactly? As its website notes, Xamarin University provides unlimited access to almost 70 classes offered across 8 learning tracks, all led by mobile experts. These classes can happen live, in real time—in your time zone and on your schedule—or you can access pre-recorded self-guided learning courses instead.

The free 60-day trial you get with a Visual Studio 2017 download provides access to Xamarin University’s self-guided learning, lightning lectures, guest lectures, and two introductory courses that will count towards a Xamarin Mobile Developer certification.

You’ll need to create a Xamarin account (or sign-in to an existing account) to take advantage of the offer, and the 60-day trial starts as soon as you do so.

Go for it. These courses look great. And the normal cost of Xamarin Studio is $999 for an annual subscription. So this offer is valued at about $167.


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