Going to Build 2018? You Need This

Posted on April 11, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Dev with 7 Comments

Going to Build 2018? You Need This

AdDuplex’s Mendelevic has created an online tool called Extendee that will help attendees make the most of Build 2018.

Basically, Extendee will who are attending Build 2018 to extend their experience by finding other attendees and sharing resources to save time and money. For example, you can set up ride-sharing to and from the airport and provide the contact information you’re comfortable with.

“People just enter their travel itineraries and it will match them to other people traveling to Build on the same flights or arriving at a similar time,” Alan told me. “So they can make new friends on the way and/or share taxi expenses, etc.”

Alan’s team first tested Extendee during the MVP Summit.

“The effectiveness exceeded my wildest expectations,” he said. “Close to 400 people registered and, most amazingly, more than 90 percent found a match.”

Of course, for Extendee to work efficiently, it needs some volume of users. So if you are going to Build 2018, please check it out. This looks like an amazing tool.

And you might also want to check out Alan’s related ebook Conferences for Introverts: The Book. It’s a great read and, more to the point, will also help you make the most of Build 2018 and any other shows you might attend.

You can learn more about Extendee and Microsoft Build 2018 from the Extendee website.


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