Google Ships Android Studio 3.2

Posted on September 25, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Dev, Google with 2 Comments

Google has announced the immediate availability of Android Studio 3.2, the latest version of its Android app development environment.

“Android Studio 3.2 is the best way for app developers to cut into the latest Android 9 Pie release and build the new Android App bundle,” Android product manager Jamal Eason writes in the Android Developers Blog. “Since announcing this update of Android Studio at Google I/O ’18, we have refined and polished over 20 new features and focused our efforts on improving the quality for this stable release of Android Studio 3.2.”

While this isn’t a major update like last year’s Android Studio 3.0 release, Android Studio 3.2 still marks an important evolution in the product. It’s the first to support Google’s new app publishing format, the Android App Bundle, which results in smaller, better-optimized apps. Early adopters report a size savings of 11 to 64 percent compared to the previous APK publishing format.

Android Studio 3.2 provides other improvements as well, of course. An Energy Profiler will help developers diagnose and improve the battery life impact of their apps. And the environment’s Android emulator now supports snapshots like those found in other virtualization solutions so that devs can capture the state of a virtual mobile device and then quickly reboot or resume it later.

“On top of these major features, there are 20 new features plus many under-the-hood quality refinements in Android Studio 3.2,” Eason says. “By using Android Studio 3.2, you can also develop for the latest technologies ranging from Android Jetpack to the latest in Google Artificial Intelligence (AI) APIs with Android Slices.”

You can download Android Studio 3.2 from the Android Developers website. If you’re already using Android Studio, you can upgrade to 3.2 directly from the application on Windows, Mac, or Linux.


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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Google Ships Android Studio 3.2”

  1. skane2600

    I assume it's still a multi-step process to install and configure. I recall that you couldn't build the simplest of the samples without further fiddling with configuration.

  2. Bill Russell

    Its a great IDE. At least on Linux you just download it, unzip and run. On first run it will download anything it needs. Maybe up to couple years ago you had to manually download the SDK and JRE and manually specify their paths but not for a long time.