Microsoft Will Launch Visual Studio 2019 on April 2

Posted on February 14, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Dev with 5 Comments

Microsoft announced today that it will hold a virtual launch event for Visual Studio 2019 on Tuesday, April 2nd.

“I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2019 on April 2, 2019 at the Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event,” Amanda Silver writes in a new post to the Visual Studio blog. “Join us online on April 2 starting at 9 AM Pacific Time for demos and conversations centered around development with Visual Studio 2019, Azure DevOps, and GitHub. We’ll have something for everyone, whether you’re a developer who uses C#, C++, or Python or target the web, desktop, or cloud. And, of course, you’ll be one of the first who get to try out the Visual Studio 2019 release.”

The Visual Studio 2019 launch event will be keynoted by Scott Hanselman, who will discuss the new features in this latest release. After that, Microsoft will live-stream several sessions that deep-dive into various features and programming languages.

If you can’t make the virtual event, Microsoft is also taking Visual Studio 2019 on the road for local, in-person launch events between April and the end of June. You can find out more about these events via the Visual Studio 2019 local events page.

And ahead of the launch event, Microsoft just delivered Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3, which includes fixes and changes based on feedback. You can download this final pre-release version of the product from the Visual Studio website.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Will Launch Visual Studio 2019 on April 2”

  1. genecrispr

    As a daily VS Code user how should I feel about this? Paul? do you have any articles in your archive about the history of VS Code and its relationship with VS Studio? I really don't know the history, or understand there different areas of expertise.

    • coeus89

      In reply to GeneCrispr:

      Well Visual Studio is a full blown Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Code is an editor (and a very extensible one at that). so in full blown visual studio, you create entire solutions, soup to nuts, and compile/run them. In Code, you edit most of the same files but it won't compile and build an exe or dll or whatever for you. It tends to be better for scripting languages like python or javascript that don't need compiling but can be used for virtually any language.

  2. dcdevito

    I'd like to see some more hooks into Azure with this version

  3. JaviAl

    No Window Title Bar in Visual Studio 2019 Preview 3.

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