Programming Windows: NT Everywhere (Premium)


“NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” the crowd of mostly male Microsofties chanted, inadvertently channeling a Nazi rally and making the walls pound. I looked nervously at the co-worker who’d snuck into this building on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington. We have to get out of here, I mouthed. “NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” There was Jim Allchin, smiling serenely, then chanting the words. “NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” There was Steve Ballmer, pumping his fist, somehow louder than the crowd around him, almost crazy-eyed. “NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” The coworker nodded, and we edged through the crowd, nervous. “NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” There was the door. Almost home. “NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” My hand was on the bar, I could see the light. “NT EVERYWHERE! NT EVERYWHERE!” And then it happened. “HEY! YOU TWO GUYS! STOP!”


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